Vote For Your Cake

by Joanne on October 25, 2008

Hi All. The competition cake is done. Now I need anyone and everyone to help me pick which photo to submit.  Here are all the options numbered 1 through 12.  Please tell me the number of the photo that is your favorite: Please note number 8 is not numbered and it is after cake 9.  Also, to enlarge the photo, click on it.  All comments welcome.  

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  • At 2008.10.26 14:40, Pawleys People said:

    We [don, John, Pat and Janet vote for Photo #3 because no distracting background and decorations clearlyvisible.

    Please sent sample cake at your convenience [‘nough for 4 people and two dogs!]

    • At 2008.10.26 18:06, applec said:

      ok- So we have a vote for cake 3, 3 for cake 10, 2 for cake 6….. Thanks All. We will keep polling until enough votes are cast. NOTE: You can click on the pics. themselves to offer a comment.

      • At 2008.10.31 17:23, applec said:

        Update: 10/31/08. I took out the pics that were not voted on. The vote out of 10 submissions was Cake no. 10. So remember to cast your vote for my cake at You can start doing this on November 2nd. Thanks all!

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