Leg Workout Routine

by Joanne on October 22, 2008

Begin with 30 minute warmup: walking at 3.5 – 4.5 pace or an easy run at a min. of 6.0 mph.

Start with no weights and do 10 walking lunges on each leg. Immediately followed by squats with 45 lb long bar – not weights.  Do 4 sets and with each set you will increase the weights in increments you are comfortable with. Do 10 -15 repetitions of each exercise.

Using the 45 lb long bar with no weight, do 12 straight leg dead lifts, squeezing your glutes on the rise. Immediately followed by leg presses. Do 20 reps. of leg press with a weight you are comfortable with.  Keep repetitions on both exercises the same (12 and 20). Increase the weight in increments you are comfortable with. Do 4 sets of each

Using the leg curl machine, do 12-15 reps followed by calf raises. You may use a calf raise machine or use a stair other raised “step”. You need to be able to get a good stretch down as well as up. You may hold a weight if using a step.  Do at least 20 repetitions of calf raises. Do 4 sets of each.

Using the leg extenstion machine, do 12-15 reps. of leg extensions.  Follow this with an abdominal exercise such as crunches using a ball.  Increase the weight in a comfortable manner on the leg extensions, and do 4 sets.  You may hold a weight for crunches on the ball however, you do get the added benefit of the core exercise by balancing on the ball itself.

Since your legs have had a good workout, you will want to walk at a comfortable pace (3.0 -4.0) for 20 – 30 minutes following your exercise.  

Total time:  30 warm up. 40-45 min.* weights. 20-30 min. cool down.  *If using light weights, try to work quickly from one exercise to another. If you use heavy weights, almost going to “failure” 60% of the time, work a little slower – longer breaks in between.

NOTE: This is strictly my routine and not certified by any fitness professional.

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