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by Joanne on October 12, 2008

College campuses before dawn

College campuses before dawn












This morning was a great morning to take a leisurely walk around the college.  To me the college campus is one of the most satisfying places to be in the pre-dawn hours.  It’s so quiet, yet there is the essence of buzzing activity from students bleary eyed trying to wake up to get in those last desperate hours of study before a test.  Then the scuffle of sneakers overheard from the gym which is the early morning athletes trying to muster up the energy for a worth while morning practice.

I love the soft lighting for security around the campus and the very few people we encounter and offer a kindly “Good morning”.  It sure does take me away from the thoughts of pressures for the upcoming day. 

After a whirlwind spell at the office, not getting done what I wanted to get done before embarking on our VT trip, I got home around 10:45 AM.. to the bank…another trip to the accountant….  had a snack (greek yogurt + trail/granola mix), prepared the munchies for the trip, chores, finish packing.  I swiped a small slice of Ted’s pizza (kind of made my stomach feel “odd”) and had mixed veg. & hummus for lunch.

We headed out around 1:15pm. 

What a beautiful, scenic location:  Bennington, Vt.  We are looking forward to exploring the country side of this gorgeous area. What a great time of year to do it, as well!  

We are one of the first to arrive at 4:40pm but other cars were pulling in as we were unpacking so it looks like happy hour is on !

  In the meantime, we set out on a walk into town to locate our dinner spot for the night.  Would you believe that what Dad has told me all my life “Spitting is illegal” is actually true…   





 By the way, I don’t spit so really I don’t even know why Dad ever told me that?!!!!9459

When we got back, the party was in full swing.  The wine “menu” was a bit disappointing:  




Oh No! Not boxed wine!

Oh No! Not boxed wine!

 The gathering was fun even if the wine wasn’t quite premium.

We left the party to have dinner at a cute Italian Trattoria in town.  It was excellent. Ted had the Chicken Special and I had Grouper. It was one of those meals where you go WAY past the full mark because it’s just TOO good.

After dinner, I did try to blog but the connection at the Inn was really bad so… have to try to remember everything when we get home… write it up in Word. 

So it’s off to bed and look forward to Sat. activities.






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