Sunday, Sunday… In Vermont

by Joanne on October 12, 2008

We were determined to have a hot breakfast on this day!  We set out down the road and found a quaint diner in Bennington, VT.  We came back to the Inn and went into the group breakfast area to eat again…9557We wanted fruit and yogurt and …yes, felt like little pigs.

On Saturday, during our stop in Wilmington,  found a Natural Food Store and a water sports bottle w/ a filter in it: puregowater.  I tried to rinse it, following directions but nothing would come out, so I tried to see if the filter was blocked and…whoops!… bummer! I broke it!!!! Hopefully the company is understanding enough to send me a new filter …and tell me how to use it!  Let you know how THAT works out.

After breakfast and drivers meeting, we went to the Monument for a group picture:

The Hemmings Car Museum was a short, sweet visit, but interesting old cars… and I mean OLD, 1886…

1886 vehicle and others at Hemmings

1886 vehicle and others at Hemmings






After Hemmings, we all set out to Bennington Pottery.  They did have some beautiful things. But we were good and only bought a gift for an upcoming anniversary. 

So that was the trip in a nut shell.  I’ll detail the itinerary later.  It is such a beautiful scenic tour if you are in the N.East and have a yen for a road trip.

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  • At 2008.10.13 16:21, joanne said:

    By the way.. the CNYPCA is one of the best clubs in the region. This isn’t just my opinion, we hear it at the conclusion of every fall tour we have been on when there has been other members from different regions joining us.
    It’s fun, it’s happy, and its a means to just get away and enjoy scenic tours in your favorite car.

    • At 2008.10.13 18:40, Nick said:


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