Hot Cereal with Protein

by Joanne on October 8, 2008

I really enjoy the crunchier texture of Bulgur Wheat with Soy cereal.  The added plus is that it has 10 g of protein in just the 1/4 cup, 120 cals + 5 g fat.  I use 1/4 c dry with about 2 parts water (although I made it a bit watery this morning), I added 1 tbs pumpkin + sprinkle of apple pie spice + 1/4 of sliced bananas. Heated all together, it came out pretty good.  I added 2 sliced strawberries.  My protein drink was 1 scoop of chocolate Jay Robb + 1/4 banana + 2 oz blueberries with lots of ice and water. 


For my Wed. morning workout:  I just didn’t have the “run” in me so I did 10 min. on the treadmill, and 25 on the elliptical. Followed that with a 45 min. leg work out which ended with 50 crunches on the ball and 25 knee raises.  Shane and I then embarked on a 37 min. walk.  We went around the college and then by the high school.  It was, again, crisp, cool and quiet.

Now I’m off to work. Busy day.. one of the magazine reps. is coming in for our 2009 media campaign.  I’ll soon be buried in media kits for 2009 and trying to decide where to put what ad.  Should I include a blurt about going green?  hmmmm…. probably will.

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